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Follow the Flow SA is dedicated to helping organizations anchor their changes into their core values, so that they can drive changes that make sense to their people. Today, we need you to help us support our clients’ pathways to resilience while implementing their strategic changes. 

Are you willing to become part of our Change Management Team ?

How would you help us ?

We are currently supporting different changes for our clients, from technical projects to organizational ones. In order to maximize our Change Management expertise, we need to reinforce our team with a new Change Manager.

As such, you would be  responsible for contributing and supporting the implementation of existing Change Management strategies and plans. More precisely, you would be the one driving and developing the communication and training streams, according to validated plans. 

You can find below a few examples of typical activities that you would be performing on a daily basis.

Change Management

  • Apply a structured methodology and support activities to drive the adoption of changes.
  • Complete and/or adapt Change Management assessments.
  • Follow up and coordinate the implementation of specific deliverables (e.g. Communication and Training Plans, Sponsorship effort).
  • Advise the Change Management Team on potential issues or resistance to manage.


  • Develop key messages into comms packets.
  • Prepare communication materials  (powerpoint presentations, emails, infographies, videos, etc.).
  • Coordinate the design and translation of contents with internal stakeholders.
  • Deliver communication contents (e.g. publish on wiki, animate Teams community, etc.).


  • Develop learning objectives into training materials  (powerpoint presentations, Learning Management System journeys, Forms, infographies, videos, etc.).
  • Coordinate documents requirements, design and translation of contents with internal stakeholders.
  • Organize training delivery and/or events and follow up on attendance.

Are you this person ?


  • You worked 3-5 years as a Change Manager, Business Analyst, Communication officer, Training Specialist or any other function that supported transformational change.
  • You have trained in and applied already structured Change Management methodology in previous changes (Prosci or equivalent).
  • You feel confortable translating complex issues into simple, concise and engaging materials.
  • You are able to address issues and questions in a supportive, authentic and transparent way.
  • You have perfect writing and presentation skills, both in French and English.
  • You can work both alone on specific deliverables and as a team member to co-create contents.
  • You strongly relate to Follow the Flow SA core values and mission.
  • You are open to the invisible side of transformation and Life in itself.
  •  You are free to join us 60% to 100% starting June, both remote and in person.

Yes you are ?

Please send us your application by Friday 29th April 2022 at 

We are waiting for you...

Floriane Fonjallaz

Floriane Fonjallaz

Organizational Resilience and Human Change Catalyst with Psychology and IT background. 10 years experimented Change & Resilience Advisor.
Floriane Fonjallaz

Floriane Fonjallaz

Organizational Resilience and Human Change Catalyst with Psychology and IT background. 10 years experimented Change & Resilience Advisor.
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