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Organizational Change management


Thanks for reaching out to Follow the Flow SA. 

Are you willing to deal with your organizational shadows and deploy the power of your organizational soulfoul purpose?

At Follow the Flow SA, we have our heart set on escorting you!

During this journey, you will see your organization come back to its core values, to its WHY so that you can start leading your changes from there and ensure these make sense to your people. We are looking forward to helping you and your organization touch the permanent behind the impermanence of life…and anchor that confidence feelings deep inside to enable a stronger organizational resilience on the longer term.

Together we reveal your potentialities for a lasting, efficient…and pleasant evolution of your business.

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Have you ever met with your oganizational shadow?

It can either support or restrain your business, depending on how you deal with it. Which option will you choose?

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Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.

Wayne Dyer

Our Transmissions

Open up your mind and heart to find new ways of mastering your specific challenges. Build bridges to integrate the unknown into your organization.

Organization resilience - Transmissions

Organizational resilience

Do you feel prepared to face your own perfect storm?

Is your decision-making process easy and connected to your organizational soulful purpose?

Human Management change - Organizational change management

Are you capturing the people-dependent return on investment of your strategical projects?

Are you reducing change fatigue and managing organizational change complexity?

Enneagram Leadership for organizations

Enneagram Leadership


Are you fostering innovation and collective intelligence?

Are your people collaborating as a unified workforce to materialize your shared vision?

Light does not attack darkness, but it does shine it away

- A course in miracles


Unfortunately, organizational change isn’t in every case simple to adjust to and can be scary for all team members who end up affected by it.

Transformation is a process in which each organization and individual engage at their own pace. When we Follow the Flow together, we ensure we allow adequate time and space for every person in the organization to travel their own change journey. Together, we engage in a spiral of enabling and then reinforcing small visible steps. Those core steps then repeat and grow together with the spiral in a virtuous living circle when we add complexity to the new ways of thinking or doing.

Follow the Flow spiral

Follow the Flow evolutive spiral is based on a few core generic steps that contain different tailored activities to achieve our different transmissions. 

organizational change leadership
Anchorage step will bring us back to the mapping step again, for us to go through our Follow the Flow spiral at a different level. This will repeat again and again until we consider our future situation is fully achieved and we can close the change effort…which obviously will not close the transformational journey of your people and organisation.
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